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Achtung, Baby!

Got this burning desire

Klavier Gavin
8 December 2002
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Klavier Gavin

Timeline » Post Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, after the break up of the Gavinners.

Personality » While it is possible that some of Klavier’s bravado is sincere it can also be assumed that most of it is a performance and that he may have a chink in his armor, or an inferiority complex. It’s probably fairly mild, but he shows some of the signs of it. Klavier is quick to assign blame to everyone and thing but himself--though this may also be attributed to his optimistic personality as well. He’s also quick to point out the faults in others, particularly in the courtroom and when he is wrong he finds it difficult to reconcile with these blemishes, unable to believe it. His self-confidence (or his level of glimmerous-ness) also seems to diminish some when he’s around his brother, from whom it’s possible his complex may stem. His brother was also a successful lawyer, musically inclined, and occasionally they would be compared to one another. There is also the fact that Kristoph has been known to dress his younger brother down, belittling him in the courtroom, referring to him as “useless.” This is, most likely, not just an inside of the courtroom kind of behavior and Kristoph may have been a condescending control-freak all throughout Klavier’s life. There is also the direction that Klavier took, an extreme opposite of that of his brother. Instead of being a defense attorney he became a prosecutor and instead of taking up the violin he took up the guitar and started a band. On top of that is also the fact that Klavier never did get to face off against his brother in the original Magnifi murder case seven years ago like he wanted. It’s possible that by the end of the game some of these issues are resolved. For example, the breaking up of the band, it could be that he doesn’t need the attention--though it could also be from the shock of the final trial and the loss of a band member. Also, by the end of Turnabout Succession, when Klavier helps Apollo in cementing his brother’s guilt he regains a lot of his confidence. Keeping in mind, it’s not explicitly stated that Klavier has an inferiority complex, but there are some implications and signs that point in that direction.

There are other factors that are more obvious in game that play a part in Klavier’s personality, things that are less implied. In court, while he may maintain much of his rock star persona, he believes that justice is more important than winning, even if it means turning against an old friend or even his own flesh-and-blood. He comes off as an easygoing philanthropist. He tries to remain simple on the inside and claims that he likes to try and keep relationships civil, no burning bridges. The keyword being try, though he’s not always civil, particularly to people who have yet to earn his respect or who have lost his respect--a few good examples being Phoenix when Klavier thought he was a fraud and Apollo when he thought he was a greenhorn. When he is angry or depressed about something he can be very moody and somewhat childish, he may act in a certain way with one individual and act in an entirely different way with another--so his moodiness is adjustable. There have been claims that he is a perfectionist, but this hasn't been seen extending to anything outside of his music career and it definitely does not translate well into the courtroom. As far as perfection goes he cares more about quality than quantity, performance as opposed to results, and justice as opposed to winning. He tends to pick on people in a friendly manner, one might call him a tease or a flirt and he’s particularly ruthless when it comes to Apollo calling him “Herr Forehead” and “gentleman with the wide forehead” among other things. He wouldn’t pick on you if he didn’t like you, though this seems to be much to the chagrin of some of the other characters in the game. He can be very smug, confident and lacking in a sense of humility, yet when it comes right down to it he’s not a man to pick sides and will offer guidance if needed--something he freely gives to Apollo. Over all he’s a very pleasant, relaxed and calm individual who is usually friendly towards most people.

Stats » Age: 24 • Height: Taller than you • Weight: None of your business
Eyes: Blue • Hair: Platinum Blond • YoB: 2002


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