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Contact and Critique

E-Mail: lumidkitty@live.com
AIM: lumidkitty
Time-Zone: Eastern Standard Time - US (is on the Atlantic coast)

Best way to contact me is through email or leaving me a message, I am pretty quick to answer you through these mediums. AIM is something you'll have to arrange with me as I can be pretty sporadic in using AIM. If you drop me a message and say will you be on at such and such time of night on such and such day I will go so far as to rearrange my sleeping schedule to talk to you.

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IC Contact

Number: 310-577-1769

Ring Tone: Guilty Love

"Hello! You have reached Prosecutor Klavier Gavin’s cell phone. It pains me deeply to say that I am unable to return your call at the moment, but if you leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Leave a sexy message and I’ll get back to you even sooner...[BEEP]"

{ voice(mail) • email • camera • video • text messg. • scanner • music }

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e-mail: kgavin@la-law.org
aim screen name: music in me

Klavier Gavin's Christmas List


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I think I actually forgot my own birthday...and I'm not normally so absent minded. Old age must be catching up with me surely.

Though recent events taken into account I can understand why.
[As the camera cuts on, the scene that plays out is a highly unusual one and more than a little uncharacteristic where Klavier is concerned.

What’s highly unusual about the situation is that Klavier is presently in an ICU unit with a large glass window separating the viewer from the events inside of the room and preventing them from fully understanding what is going on. Even if you could hear anything it would take a really adept ear to pick up on the frenzied muddle of conversation.

So what is Klavier doing in ICU? Well presently it’s uncertain why, but there’s a struggle going on between the doctors, nurses and everyone’s favorite ex-rocker/prosecutor who they are trying to pin to the bed. Unfortunately Klavier seems to be going out of his way to give his caretakers a hard time. One of the nurses, male, has the misfortune of putting his face in the path of the prosecutor’s fist resulting in what would probably be a nasty black-eye later. Several other nurses are thrown off or knocked out of the way during the struggle.

In between slugging it out with the hospital faculty he is further hampering them by ripping off his electrodes and pulling out his IV until he’s forcefully slammed down and his wrists and ankles are restrained. A nurse can be seen jabbing a needle into his arm which is obviously a sedative of some sort because it doesn’t take long for his body to go limp and the struggling to cease.

Not much can be seen afterward because blinds are closed, but there is a small queue of people ready to harass the doctor once he steps out into the hallway. This may illuminate the situation a little bit, but for the most part the following conversation is somewhat vague:]

So, what’s wrong with him?

We’re not really sure at this point; he has a laundry list of symptoms including light sensitivity, confusion, delirium, convulsions, headaches, tachycardia, and there could be others. It seems consistent with the other patients who were at The Alinea...we’re still trying to find the common source…

You know, there were some important diplomats from Europe there, I understand the Minister’s wife was also…

You think someone did this on purpose?

It could be. You think Prosecutor Gavin will be up to the task if this turns out to be a CI?

We don’t even know who the criminal is if there is one.

Or why those people got sick, for all we know the monkfish could have been bad.

I don’t think its monkfish…

Or if Prosecutor Gavin will even feel up to the task.

We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, we have to find out what’s wrong with the patients first and then you can determine whether it was an accident or if there was some kind of criminal activity involved...

[The feed cuts off with the ongoing conspiracy and a doctor who is being completely dismissed.]
[When the feed cuts on, post-festival Klavier can be seen laying draped on top of his sectional. A bottle of cheap, Fuki plum wine is sitting on the coffee table alongside a glass bowl with a calico ryukin goldfish swimming inside of it

He's still wearing his yukaya, which is a simple taupe purple with white mitsu tomoe symbols riddled all over it. A somewhat typical man's kimono, but with an infusion of the prosecutors signature color.]

Nix da! Greed and his hootie mommas...it's Schaden whenever he's involved...should have known when he was going on about...special surprises, damn sense of obligation...Überraschungsangriff is what he should have said...[the party is still on apparently, he's ranting nonsense at a fish]...but I've got you...Greed 2.0...s'almost worth it!

Jun. 29th, 2011

For not being able to keep our tryst this past Friday, I sincerely apologize Herr Henry, I was really looking forward to such a rare opportunity.

Unfortunately, recent events prevented me from contacting you, namely, I was too hideous and short to set eyes on you.

I hope I can make it up to you.


[By now Klavier's home is a familiar place, but Klavier laid up in bed...not so much, he's paler than usual, he has a cold compress trapped to his forehead and the look of a man who hasn't slept in days. He's not the usual glimmerous looking fop...so why is he laughing so hard that he's coughing and crying?

Klavier is sitting up in bed with his laptop and laptop table across his knee, he's apparently watching something that's putting him into hysterics. The viewer can probably hear snatches of what's being said through Klavier's laughter, but for the most part they just hear Klavier's laughter.

Once whatever Klavier is watching over he leans back against his pillow rubbing at his eyes.]

Ach weh man *cough* it hurts so much.

[ooc: I've been irredeemably lax this past week T-T so sorry about that, I had a crazy midterm and a test. Also Klavier is just sick, not virused or anything. I didn't sign any of my characters up for events this past week+ due to the midterm XD]